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                        How does the pipeline layout improve production efficiency?
                        Visit:4589 Date:2019-07-11
                        The assembly line has a wide range of applications in modern industrial production. It can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and also has the function of integrating production processes. The use of the assembly line has greatly increased the production speed of the product and provided fresh blood for the development of modern industry. So how should the device be laid out? Let's take a look at the following:
                        1) Left to right, the best flow in the product (material or piece) is to the right, followed by the backward or forward flow.

                        2) The upper process can directly put the materials on the countertop of the lower process. When it is difficult to hand-handle the transfer, the automatic flow tank can be used instead of the “selling” material.

                        3) Minimize the amount of special vehicles If the process flow is large, the method of circulating water can be used.

                        4) When the equipment layout, do not regard the equipment model as a plane. The site IE needs to consider the position of the nose and the platform and the position of the parking staff.

                        5) When the material area is large, the movable table can be used to widen the countertop. It is recommended that the operating table not be too close to the pulley of other equipment.
                        6) When using two devices for one person, you can operate as much as possible by turning around to avoid getting up and shifting.

                        7) While the equipment is arranged in a smooth flow direction, space utilization should also be considered.

                        8) In order to have uniform control of the use of the workshop site, the layout of the equipment is preferably square or rectangular.

                        9) The entrance and exit of the piece flow of the unit flow should be placed at the edge of the production line, not in the middle.

                        10) The outlet of each unit line of the piece should be close to the center of the table.

                        11) Although the equipment layout is required to be compact, the width of the staff seat space must not be less than 55cm.

                        12) When the workshop is actually arranged, the ranking staff needs to follow up on site, observe the analysis process or make appropriate adjustments.

                        13) In actual production, the workshop management personnel should observe whether the transportation between the various processes is convenient, whether there is a bottleneck, collect and summarize the problems found in the production, further improve the routing method and improve the production efficiency.

                        14) With the application of automatic (template) sewing machines in the sewing workshop in recent years, our assembly line also takes into account the off-line layout of such automatic equipment. It is conceivable to operate such automatic sewing machine equipment with raw hands, which reduces labor costs. Under the premise, the sewing efficiency is improved.

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