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                        Belt line will develop towards large-scale, diversification, environmental protection and automation.
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                        The belt conveyor line, which is one of the conveying equipments, has a long conveying distance, a large transportation volume, and can be continuously conveyed. These advantages make it an important member of the conveying equipment. The belt line will be oriented towards large-scale, diversified, environmentally friendly and automated development!

                        The belt conveyor line is the most ideal high-efficiency continuous transportation equipment. Compared with other transportation equipment (such as locomotives), it has the advantages of long conveying distance, large volume and continuous transportation, and it is reliable in operation, easy to realize automation and centralized control. advantage. Especially for high production and high efficiency, the belt line has become a key equipment for mechatronics technology and equipment.

                        The main feature of the belt conveyor line is that the fuselage can be easily telescoped. It has a storage bin. The tail can be extended or shortened with the advancement of the working surface. The structure is compact. It can be laid directly on the floor of the roadway without a foundation. The frame is light and compact. It is very convenient to disassemble. When the conveying capacity and the transportation distance are large, an intermediate driving device can be provided to meet the requirements. According to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be transported in a single machine, or multiple units can be combined to transport horizontal or inclined transportation systems.

                        Of course, it is one of the main categories of the machinery industry. As the main basic parts of the machinery industry, the development of the machinery industry has also put forward higher requirements for this product. While maintaining part of the cost advantage, the industry must rely on new advantages such as technological advancement, quality improvement and product cost performance to achieve sustainable development.

                        The future belt conveyor line will be developed in terms of large-scale, environmental protection and automation.

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